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NARI invites "The ReUse People of America" to speak in Tucson

Ken Hirsch

Jim and Ken from the Arizona Division of “The ReUse People of America, Inc.” were guest speakers at the April 15th meeting of the Southern Arizona Chapter of the “National Association of The Remodeling Industry” (NARI).

Jason Tankersley, the incredibly innovative CEO of “The Fairfax Companies, LLC”, was the featured speaker.  He operates a green oriented land fill and offers “Tank’s Green Stuff” products made from materials he collects that no one has ever heard of being recycled or re-used.  “Agricultural Services Certified Organic” (ASCO) verified for “Tucson’s Best Compost” (organic crops compost), totally “Awesome Mulch”, and “Recycled Decorative Wood Chips” for landscaping.  The entire meeting was very enjoyable and quite informative. 

The ReUse People of America are just getting started in Arizona and are traveling the state to explain the benefits of the building Deconstruction process.

We would like to thank Rebecca Bushner, NARI Executive Director, Jillian Puglisi, Education Communication Chair, NARI, and Rich Franz-Under, Green Building Manager, Pima County, Tucson, Arizona.



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