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Banishing The Bulldozer

This article was written sometime ago by the founder of “The ReUse People of America”. The content is timeless however and have been republished numerous times, I felt it should be easy to locate, so here it is.”BANISHING THE BULLDOZER”

NARI invites "The ReUse People of America" to speak in Tucson

Jim and Ken from the Arizona Division of “The ReUse People of America, Inc.” were guest speakers at the April 15th meeting of the Southern Arizona Chapter of the “National Association of The Remodeling Industry” (NARI).

The ReUse People of America/Arizona To be Speakers in Tuscon

The ReUse People of America have been invited to speak on April 15, 2014 at the meeting of the National Association of The Remodeling Industry. Jim and Ken from the Arizona division of The ReUse People of America will speak to attendees on the financial benefits of “deconstruction” versus standard demolition, focusing on residential applications. The ReUse People of America have pioneered an exciting new concept that reduces solid waste going to into landfills by salvaging building materials and distributing them for reuse.

The ReUse People

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